Photographs of Chryssanthou’s finished projects are seldom available. This is because the majority of our Clients treasure their privacy.

Design, like life, is subjective. No two Clients have the same sense of home. There is no limit to the possibilities when establishing style. Only two standards remain immutable; that it is both livable and chic.

Present design and decoration are the final outcome of the history of mankind. We find ourselves rooted by the sense of home, comforted and protected by the structure that welcomes us, enlivened and nourished by the spaces and their furnishings which we employ and experience.

Proper design and decoration live their own lives. They are coaxed into existence by a combination of the client’s innate knowing of their needs and penchants coupled with the wisdom, style and openness of their designer.

Chryssanthou’s Principal, Josh Spencer Chrisant, is proud to be a partner in the process.

You will see many styles and moods here. None of them will be yours specifically. We hope they will allow you to understand our design perspective and how we may help you shape your environment and your future.